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Here are just a few ideas for some seriously original and special gifts!

For the fan of monthly comics get our comic deal, a kind of taster pack of the best comics out. Four comics every month, all new releases and the start of a new series or story arc.  Great mash up of different genres and styles here >

Young Readers


We have an amazing selection of beautiful and adventurous books for something that they will love as well as you!




Best Fantasy


gnash-gift-list-skywardSkyward Volume 1 by Joe Henderson and art by Lee Garbett £8.99

An original and fresh new sci-fi story about the world without gravity. Suitable for teens and adults.

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written by Brian K Vaughan

art by Fiona Staples

£8.99 Paperback.


There are 9 volumes available of this hit sci-fi odyssey which has everyone hooked.

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Best Superheroes


“Batman The Black Mirror “

by Scott Synder

Art by Jock & Francesco Francavilla

£14.99 Paperback

Iconic Batman epic that has become a classic.

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The Definitive Spider-Man Reloaded

£16.99 Paperback

The best Spider-man stories from Stan Lee, Steve Dikto, John Romita, plus more. A must have

for all Spidey fans.


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Best Crime Thrillers


gnash-gift-list-ghost-script“Ghost Script“

by Jules Feiffer


Frenetic funny and great plot set in the world of Hollywood during the 1950’s during the time of the Anti American Activities committee.

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gnash-gift-list-fog-over-tolbiac-bridge“Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge”

by Leo Malet

Adapted by Jaques Tardi

£17.99 Hardback

Set in Paris in the 1950’s a classic crime thriller brought to life with Tardi’s black and white drawings.

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Best Graphic Memoir


gnash-gift-list-best-we-could-do“The Best We Could Do”

By Thi Bui

£15.99 (Hardback)

The consequences of war traced through the generations as Thi Bui looks back through her family history during the Vietnamese war and fleeing as refuges to America.

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Just the best!


gnash-comics-gift-list-alice-sunderland‘Alice in Sunderland”

by Bryan Talbot

£18.99 Hardback

There are a few absolute great creators in comics and Bryan Talbot is one of them. Alice in Sunderland is a heady mix of myth, history and storytelling

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