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BPRD The Devil You Know # 1


Written by Mike Mignola & Scott Allie

Art by Laurence Campbell

on sale 26 July 2017

Before they were vanquished by the BPRD, Lovecraftian monsters created a Hell on Earth. Now Liz Sherman leads a crew through monster-infested ruins on the most important rescue mission of her life. As society tries to rebuild, strange cults vie for influence, and a demon emerges to lead the way. This will ship with the Mignola variant cover.

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Sacred Creatures #1

gnash-comics-picks-july-sacred-creaturesWritten by Pablo Raimondi & Klaus Janson

Art by Pablo Raimondi

on sale 5 July 2017

When the supernatural forces maintaining the fragile balance of power in this world start to unravel, Josh Miller, a young college grad and expecting father, is caught in the middle of a vast conspiracy threatening to tear apart the foundations of humanity as we know it. As myth and reality collide, Josh finds himself on the frontline of a battle against an enemy dating back to the beginning of time itself.
Comic legends Klaus Janson (Daredevil, Dark Knight Returns) and Pablo Raimondi (X-Factor, Book of Doom) proudly present their first-ever creator-owned series, with a monster-sized first issue featuring 66 pages of colour art!

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Snotgirl #6

gnash-comics-picks-july-snotgirlOn Sale 5 July 2017

New Story Arc

From the creator of Scott Pilgrim! Lottie Person is a glamorous fashion blogger living her best life-at least that’s what she wants you to think. The truth is, she’s an allergy-ridden mess who may or may not have killed somebody! Spring is the season for mystery, madness & mucus as Lottie meets her adoring public, Coolgirl has a change of heart, and we learn more than we ever wanted to know about Cutegirl!


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Generation Gone #1

gnash-comics-picks-july-generation-goneWritten by Ales Kot

Art by Andre Lima Araujo

on sale 19 July

America, 2020. Three young hackers with nothing to lose. A secretive scientist with a plan. One final job.
What happens when you’re poor, angry, and get superpowers you never asked for?Skins + Unbreakable equals Generation Gone, well sort of, if you also include multiple trips to the sun, weird black goo, a breakup fight inside a nuclear factory, love, hate, anger, loss and survival.


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Cloudia and Rex #1

gnash-comics-picks-july-cloudia-rexWritten by Ulises Farinas & Erick Freitas

Art by Daniel Irizarri

on sale 5 July 2017

Even the colourful visuals won’t distract you from this drama.
A lushly rendered supernatural fantasy that follows two girls and their mother who find themselves in the middle of a vast, supernatural exodus. On their journey Cloudia is bestowed the powers of hundreds of different gods, but even those don’t help her come to terms with the death of her father as she travels to the world tree to create a new world. We are signed up to this one already.


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Deadpool Kills the Universe Again #1 & #2

gnash-comics-picks-july-deadpool-kills-universe-againWritten by Cullen Burrow

On sale 5 July & 19 July 2017

Remember the time Deadpool went a little too crazy and killed the entire Marvel Universe? Well, this isn’t that. This is a different time. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic (A.K.A. the creators behind Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe) have reunited for another tale of Deadpool taking out all of your faves in the most horrific ways possible! It’s going to hurt him more than it hurts you.  One of the most reliable avenues for getting some laughs in this summer even if the hyperviolence is only so funny, as long as it makes us laugh it will be on the shelf.


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Rick and Morty Pocket like you Stole it

gnash-comics-picks-july-rick-morty-pocket-like-you-stole-itWritten by Tina Howard

Art by Marc Ellerby

on sale 7 July

Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It is a new comic book miniseries based on the popular Adult Swim television series and inspired by the Pocket Morty’s mobile game! In this five-issue series, Morty is on a quest to free himself (and all the other Morty’s) from the clutches of Ricks, who collect Morty’s and force them to battle one another for schmeckles and glory. Along the way, he’ll discover the grisly history of Morty battling, the dastardly lengths that Ricks are willing to stoop to in order to win, and perhaps… the strength in himself that’s needed to free the Morty’s once and for all?


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