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World Book Day is all about getting kids into reading and into bookshops, and we are working with Ashburton Primary School, South Dartmoor School and Ashburton Library to do just that!

All schools will be giving out £1 tokens to pupils. Every child wanting to get their hands on their free book (or £1 off any full price book that takes their fancy) should be able to get one. The tokens can be used to buy one of the special £1 World Book Day books, or used to get £1 off any book!

At Gnash Comics we will have all the World Book Day books that are on offer. Also there are some full-length special books on offer at £2.50. The  £1 token can be used towards buying these for Teens. Plus we will have lots of fun creative activities going on in Gnash Comics. And in case you can’t manage to come into Gnash Comics, we will be at South Dartmoor School between 1p.m and on Thursday 1st March and Ashburton Primary School after 3.00 pm with a great selection of books and comics including all the freebies!

For the full list of World Book Day books on offer follow this link here >

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